A question for Gravatar users

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I’ve a most deserving reason for reblogging “The Gravatar Blog”- Having had my own foray into the world of Gravatars, I can honestly say that this blog is a goldmine of information, and as such will both arm and educate anyone wishing to construct their own Gravatar – making ithe Gravatar increase in popularity!.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing a Gravatar app, although hypothetically considering the two major formats are too close to call popularity wise, will that mean that an app should be designed for both of the major mobile platforms?. If it was politics, for instance say a general election?, and neither platform received a clear majority of votes, so that would mean a coalition! Can anyone imagine an app that could cater for both android & ios? – maybe not, (cringe) LOL, way too daunting a decision! – smile

Gravatar Blog

We are working on a Gravatar mobile app and would like to ask our users:

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